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Version 9 is Now Available! 


Version 9 of the FLOW CONSULTANT carries forward the Flow Consultant

tradition of support and service to the rapid paced Flow Measurement community.

Current Flow Consultant TM Version 8.1 license holders are eligible for discount to Upgrade to Version 9. 

What is new in VERSION 9?
  • Subscription based licensing.  Your support for The Flow Consultant is for the entire term of your subscription.
  • ISO 5167-5 Cone Meters
  • ISO 5167-6 Wedgemeters

Contact us if you are interested in being a tester for the new standard equations for cone meters or wedgemeters.  

What was new in VERSION 8?

  • Noise Computation for orifice meters.

    ISA standards ( SP1, SP2, etc) are compatible or identical to the work on noise done by Hans Bauman at Masonelian for control valves.  This work is considered the basis for the most practical solution for noise on restrictive devices available in the literature and is the source document for the solution used for the calculation.

  • Redesigned pipe size selection screen to include all available standard sizes, including all European sizes while still allowing for user entry of specialty size

  • All current changes to flow standards

  • Coefficients upgraded to the latest technical reports ISO-5167, ASME 3M, ANSI 2530, AGA 3, API Ch 14, ASME PTC 19.5

  • Separation of standard calculation  (Size Flow & DP) information from engineering design information (accuracy, flow vs DP)

  • Implementation of a running revision history for users to add their comments regarding changes made to a calculation

  • Expanded engineering information

  • Update all engineering computations 

  • Compartmentalized the code modules to allow for more efficient implementation of customer requests, we have compartmentalized the equations in the back end source code

  • Selection of either the Murdock or James Equation for Two-Phased Flow

    Upgrade from Version 7


What was new in Version 7?

Version 7 builds on the success of Version 6 by incorporating comments from the many manufactures of differential producers that have selected The FLOW CONSULTANT as the software of choice. These user companies have contributed to improving the following

  • Additional messages

  • Additional unit selections

  • Newer materials

  • Updated to all the latest Standards changes.

The FLOW CONSULTANT has been expanded to include linear meters

  • Turbine meters

  • Vortex meters

  • Fluidic meters

  • Swirl meters

  • All frequency /digital output meters

VERSION 7 now includes

  • AMITY Venturi product line designed by R.W.Miller

  • Roark stress analysis for plate thickness.

  • Computation of estimated bias error based on plate bending.

  •  The estimated bias error to be expected based on plate bending. (ANSI 2530)

  • Both the James and Murdock Two-Phase flow rate computational solutions.

  • Computations for drain and vent holes (two holes).

  • The  latest primary element materials, such as Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel 624, Monel 400

The FLOW CONSULTANT has long been the only software that computed gas (vapor) limiting flow by choking (critical) flow and restrictive orifices for dropping pressure. Version 7 has expanded on this capability to include.

  • Cavitating orifices for both standard and extended lengths.

  • Choking flows for both standardizes Cylindrical and Torodial throat nozzles.

  • Choking flows for thick orifices.

What was New in Version 6.2?

ISA DataSheet for Microsoft Excel TM

Data is exported to an Excel worksheet in the ISA format.

Or Modify the ISA format datasheet to create a custom company specific worksheet.

Click Here To View a Sample Data Sheet

Enhanced Import/Export Functions

The Data Exporter functionality is now built in to The FLOW CONSULTANT ™

Easily import from and export to Microsoft Excel TM Worksheets (Excel sold separately)

Built in ISA style Datasheet in Microsoft Excel TM Worksheets

Accuracy / Uncertainty Calculations

The estimated uncertainty based on the measured and unmeasured variables used in the flow rate computation are combined in accordance with the selected standards procedures to give the overall uncertainty (Accuracy).

The estimated uncertainty of the discharge coefficient and gas expansion factor is computed using the appropriate standards. The user inputs the uncertainties of the other measured or unmeasured variables.

Click Here to View Accuracy Screen

Flow Versus Differential Pressure

Unique to The FLOW CONSULTANT ™ is the exportable (and printable) tabulation shown below. First you select the number of points to compute then the screen displays:

  1. Scaled flow rate as a function of the differential
  2. The exact flow rate corrected for the discharge coefficient and gas expansion factor for flow rate
  3. The directional Bias error between actual and scaled flow rate at the measured differential.

Click Here to View Flow Vs Differential Pressure

Wide Range Metering

Wide Range Metering Accuracy can now easily be determined by

Step 1 select Flow Vs Dp to determine the +/- Bias, errors that occur by not including changes in discharge coefficient and gas expansion factor with Flow-Rate

Step 2 select Accuracy to determine the+/- error at the lowest acceptable flow rate.

 Combine the bias and precision error by summation and repeat for additional transmitters.

IAPWS Properties of Water/Steam

Since 1967, the industry standard for the thermodynamic properties of steam and water has been the IAPWS  "1967 IFC-Formulations for Industrial Use". These formulations have been the basis for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) steam tables. 

 In 1995, The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) released a new formulation for scientific use called the "IAPWS Formulation 1995 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Ordinary Water Substance for General and Scientific Use", otherwise known as the IAPWS-95 formulation.

The exact formulation is developed and programmed in The FLOW CONSULTANT ™, not the approximation region equations given in IAPWS Industrial use version (`1997)

The following web site provides additional information: http://www.iapws.org/

Restrictive Orifice Calculations - clamped or free fitting

The exact plate bending equation presented in "Formulas for Stress and Straining" (RC Rourk and WC Young, McGraw Hill, 1976)  are programmed in The FLOW CONSULTANT ™ . With the restraints presented in the standards for maximum allowable bending,  the plate thickness is calculated for widely used restrictive orifice meters.

Print Screens Shots directly from The FLOW CONSULTANT ™  without going into a separate application.
Enter the Thermal Expansion Coefficientfor pipe material and primary element material if your materials are not in the pick list.

Constants for virtually every model of Orifice Plate, Nozzle, Venturi,  Multi-Port Averaging Pitot, V-Cone,  Solve for Liquid, Gas, Vapor fluid states, Exclusive engineering features, continual checks for Cavitation, Flashing Flows, Critical Flowrate computations, Choked Flow-Rate Computations, Restrictive Orifice Computations, Energy, Overall Pressure Loss, Unique solutions derived by R.W. Miller for computations outside standard limits.