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Upgrade Version 8.1 to Version 9
FLOW CONSULTANT TM  Version 8.1 license holders only.

Price valid through December 31, 2019.
$299 USD  per year per license.

$499 USD  per license for 2 years use.

The number of licenses is determined by the number of users associated with the license.

If your license was for two on separate work stations using the same license ID number, use the change quantity feature on the paypal checkout.

Contact Us for an upgrade quote on other configurations. 
Please include your Customer ID number as shown within the Flow Consultant Help About screen.

Upgrade prices are only valid for upgrading from Flow Consultant 8.1 and greater.

Data from versions 3, 4 and 5 can be imported.  DOS and early windows versions do not have a database back end to upgrade.

Data is backward compatible only to version 5.x.



Constants for virtually every model of Orifice Plate, Nozzle, Venturi,  Multi-Port Averaging Pitot, V-Cone,  Solve for Liquid, Gas, Vapor fluid states, Exclusive engineering features, continual checks for Cavitation, Flashing Flows, Critical Flowrate computations, Choked Flow-Rate Computations, Restrictive Orifice Computations, Energy, Overall Pressure Loss, Unique solutions derived by R.W. Miller for computations outside standard limits.